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"Day of The Poor 2021"

On 26 December 2021, just after Christmas Day, Sharing for life Korat organized a special day for the poor.

In the name and with financial support from the catholic community and the Bishop

Joseph Chusak in the city of Ratchasima.
Sharing for life Korat runs a Home Care Project for 147 poor, sick and living with disabilities; once a week,

a team of volunteer visit a group of them, bringing useful items and food.
The special day is an important moment of solidarity and love as requested by Pope Francis.

This year we welcome 80 adults and 28 children.
Bishop Chusak and all of us had lunch with them and distribute gifts and bags of food.

It was wonderful to serve our brothers and sisters a lunch on the comfortable table,

since most of them do not have at home. We stay together 5 hours, and everybody was happy.
The Christmas environment helped us to express a smile and special attention.

“I was hunger, and you gave me food, I was sick, and you visited me,
I was naked, and you clothed me”
(Gospel of Mathew 25)

"We meet Jesus in our brothers in need"



"We meet Jesus in our brothers in need"