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Visitation 7 August 2021


During Covid 19 we still go for visitation because these people need our help. They have no work or money for living, so we give them a necessary items for daily life, dry food, water and clothes.
To avoid from the Covid 19, we wear a mask and clean our hand by alcohol gel (our staff took vaccine).
Thank you these volunteers for helping and joining today
Now we already have 144 people the the project
Mostly they are poor, abandoned and disable can not work.
We give a necessary items to them which contain rice, fish sauce, vegetable oil, noodle, canned fish, dry food, dish washing, detergent, soap, shampoo and clothes.


Thank you for your support

This lady has mental problem, she lives with her old parent in the small house at crowded community.

This lady lives alone, she was alcoholism but since we meet and help her she stop drinking and healthy.

We prepare some snacks for children which contain milk and crackers.

This man has a mental problems he lives with his mother, they are collecting a paper box for sale.
This grandparents lives alone they haven't child.

Old lady lives with disabled daughter, she plant a flower for sale.
Old lady living alone in a house in the middle of the forest her son will come to meet her twice a month.