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Visitation on 24 July 2021 at Nong Ped Num


During Covid 19 we still go for visitation because these people need our help. They have no work or money for living, so we give them a necessary items for daily life, dry food, water and clothes.
To avoid from the Covid 19, we wear a mask and clean our hand by alcohol gel (our staff took vaccine).


Thank you these volunteers for helping and joining today.


Old lady lives near railway, she abandoned has no one to take care.

At first her house was very dilapidated, municipal staff built her a new house.
Old bilnd lady lives alone, she can't work but she can cook and clean her house.

Thank you St.Marry hospital for a begs of necessary items for the poor.
We also bring a set of stationary and snacks for the child, they was very happy.

Old lady lives with her son, although he is not healthy but he still work for money to take care his mother.
This old lady has a nice neighbor take care of hers, she was lives with her husband but he died for 3 months.

This old lady lives alone on the floor, she abandoned, her children are on the jail, she has a house owner take care of her.
This is  the house owner and old lady.
This old lady is hard worker, she collecting a bottle and paper box for sale.