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Visitation 19 June 21 at Crowded community beside the railway


This old man lives at community hall, he has cencer,
he must eat only liquid food.

This community has no light and water supply, people in this community must have a bucket to keep rain water for living.


This time we got a snack from supporter, who is Home for the aged's staff and volunteer.

He looks very happy that got help and love from us. Actually he going to sale a trash but he saw us first.


Mostly people in this community sale a trash for living, they got 100 Baht/day but is not enough for living.

The strongest team of volunteer, they do everything with heart of loving and helping.
They keep everything that they can sell.

They are going to sell a trash.
Not only a necessaries stuff that we gave to them but also love and care.

We was contacted her relative to take her back home but she won't go, she want to lives here.
Although she is disable but she still work, we so great with her.

Look at that beautiful smile, they are happy from give and receive.
Adorable children happy that they got a stationary and milk from us.
Thank you Mrs.Kanjana and Ms.Aunchan whose always help and volunteers.