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Visitation on 14 July 2021 "St.Camillus Day" at Non Sung district


St.Camillus founded the Camillians, a religious order dedicated to the care of the sick.

We have put his teachings into practice in helping the poor which "love serve and share"


This couple are disable, old lady is lame and her husband is deaf.

This old man has mental problem but he is kind and gentle, he lives with his wife, their home is pretty dilapidated.
Thank you all volunteers for today 
Our volunteers were retire nurse, face massager, Home for the aged staff, retire solider and photographer.

We also give children a set of stationary that we got from devoter.

Old lady lives with her daughter who has a mental problem, they have no work since the can't work.

We also give them a clothes because clothe is one of necessary for living.
Old lady has paralysis Fr.Giovanni and volunteers bring necessary items and merciful love to her.
There are many children because this community is near the school.